How is a garden like a trilogy?

In a world of government controlled information and misinformation, it can be difficult to distinguish an honest government from one riddled with corruption – just as, if it were to lose its horn, it would be difficult to tell a unicorn from a horse. (A clue, if you need one, is that in each case the first item is mythical.)

In a world where the leader of one of the largest and most influential nations can claim global warming is a fairytale, so hampering coordinated world progress for years, should we be surprised that, as individuals, the environment is not always our first priority?

Most of us are not world shapers. We are little people doing little things, with dreams that dwindle against the enormity of life. If we care about others on the planet, and about future generations, we will reveal this through our words and actions.

So, to the question: How is a garden like a trilogy?

Here are just a few of the many ways.

1  Neither is ever really finished. With a work of fiction, there comes a time when the writer decides to publish, but every time she, or he, looks at the work, they will find something to change. A garden just keeps growing, weeds and all.

2  Each, if it is to be successful, requires dedicated effort over many years.

3  The likelihood that either will develop according to its plan is close to zero. Characters, as they develop, insist of taking the plot along new paths. The roots of a neighbour’s tree make our proposed vegetable bed inhospitable.

But, more than these things, the story we choose to tell, the way we choose to grow our crops, makes a declaration about who we choose to be.

For a garden to be of long term value, it needs to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, improving rather than depleting the soil. We hope you will find our struggles – to convert an overgrown wasteland into a productive, no-dig, organic plot – to be both entertaining and enlightening.

For a work of fiction, if it is to be of benefit to the reader, it needs to reflect a view of humanity that is both realistic and optimistic. We all need light in our lives and the vision of a better future, but most of us have outgrown fairytales. Please join us on our journey from tyranny to hope.


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