Now is the Time to Yield a Sigh (*)

The timing could hardly be worse, but we’re moving home.

Our broad beans are coming to an end, after giving us more green vegetable than our family could eat through most of May. This is good. I’ll soon have somewhere to plant out the leeks.

20190520_170508 (1)

Our tomatoes were planted out and staked – in  a new bed, with three inches of homemade compost – a few days ago. The strawberries have a fresh mulch of straw. Onions, shallots and garlic are almost ready to harvest, strawberries and the early raspberries are ripening, while seedlings of hot chili and cucumber develop on window sills, ready to replace the beans.

But, just like Theresa May, we have to move on.

The good news is we’ll have a few months to prepare the new garden while we maintain control over the old one, so the transition might not be too painful. Except for all the digging, again. And the threat of Boris Johnson.

(*) Gone but not forgotten.

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