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The little that is known about Ella Swift Arbok (Respite, February 32 2972 – ?? 3080) comes from her brief communications with SJRichards (below). She was born in Lemon County, Elysium. Her father the palaeontologist Wellum Grooce,  was best known for his work categorising the fossils of the Gos Islands. Her mother, the physicist Umbo Arbok, whose contribution to Respite’s understanding of stellar formation was little regarded in her lifetime, strongly encouraged Ella’s academic curiosity and future career.

While studying at Barford University, Ella developed a fascination for the 27th century literary personality Oliver Arkbuckle, and her own desire to write appears to stem from this era.

She is a writer best known for her inspirational novels set on the planet Respite. Her childlike optimism shines through her stories, which explore humanity’s potential for good and evil.

Why does evil exist? Why does it so often seem to prevail? These questions lead ESA to probe further into our nature and our relationship with the universe. Only then does she turn, with her trademark good humour, to thoughts of a future where mankind can be free from tyranny.

Plotting the Respite calendar against that of Earth requires some assumptions that cannot easily be tested, but it is likely that the volumes that constitute The Respite Trilogy were published on Earth after her death in (Respite) 3080.


SJRichards (November 13 1946 – ??), Ella Swift Arbok’s representative on Earth, is a writer and gardener based in rural Oxfordshire, England. He modestly describes his contribution to the trilogy as ‘little more than that of a sub-editor’, but the garden is all his work.

You will learn more about him than most people care to know in his blog on this site.