Bindweed and Paedophiles

Those damned roots get everywhere.

Digging out bindweed may seem a thankless task. You know you won’t get it all. The fragments of root that remain will send up shoots, sometimes many shoots, depending on the size and vigour of the offending remnant.

But we’ll pluck out any regrowth – dig it out and chase the root if we have the energy.

Year on year there will be less to remove, until some blessed day, when heaven smiles upon our efforts, there will be no more.

In years to come, we may tell our grandchildren the tale of our great victory. But it will mean nothing to them. All they have ever known is a garden free of the evil, suffocating weed.

With paedophiles, especially paedophiles in power, it’s a little harder, because we don’t try. We never go for the roots.

We wait until they die, afraid to accuse without evidence that would hold up in a court of law. Only then are snippets of their atrocities allowed to seep into the at first incredulous public domain.

Jimmy Savile? Edward Heath? (Try Googling those two names together and see what comes up!) Cyril Smith?

As for Theresa May’s ‘investigation’ into child abuse by high profile politicians and others, which seems to have fizzled out in mysterious circumstances at about the time she was elevated to the top job, I’d like to deal with that another day.

The problem is that no one in power is motivated to tackle this chronic, creeping evil. On the contrary, the web of power is maintained by a shared delusion of honour and trust.

Once the perpetrators have been eulogised and the truth allowed to trickle to a dumbfound world, what else can we do but turn a deaf ear? It’s that, or admit that we have been wrong about the man all those years.

And then, snippet by increasingly more believable snippet, a picture of evil begins to form, and we ask ourselves: Why didn’t I see that?

(Gross generalisation alert!) Paedophiles are not attracted to children.

Paedophilia is about power. It’s about domination.

Its link to satanism, with all the horrors that that entails, is historic.

Parliament doesn’t attract the timid. It attracts the power hungry.

Until we find an end to the industry of paedophilia, which is the industry of wealth and power, we will always be, as we always have been, ruled by paedophiles, torturers and thieves.

Give me bindweed any day.

A Gluttony of Plutocrats

Having my novel at last in print gives me great pride. It has been a labour of devotion for almost three years.

Initially inspired by the Yewtree Inquiry that followed Jimmy Savile’s death, and the revelations of frequent, casual and at times almost public abuse of children, I set about a little research. It soon became apparent that he wasn’t isolated in his actions. Friendships, difficult to account for as a result of his mediocre talents, with people of great influence.

Does the society of the fictional planet Respite reflect that of Earth? I hope my readers will make up their own minds on that question.

If I make them think about it, I’ve done my job.

Thank you.


Stephen Richards


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