June 29, 2018



June 29, 2018   This is where the story begins.

With a garden fork and about 400 square yards to reclaim, is isn’t going to happen in one year.

My initial aim is to get six four-foot wide raised beds, eight to ten feet in length, prepared by the autumn. This is should cover my planting needs for the season, although I’ll probably regret saying that when the rest of the family have their input.

This is the north of the drive, where an old raised bed, containing a few leeks (which I’ll move elsewhere), sits forlornly amid a tangle of bramble, bindweed and ivy. It’s difficult to make out where the driveway ends and the soil begins.

This stretches to a fence about thirty feet back. A large beech tree on the left (northwest) gives some shade. Smaller trees, rowan and elder, to the northeast, I plan remove early next year. This should improve sunlight to the planned beds.

Well, that’s the aim. Wish me luck!