September 2, 2018


September 2, 2018  A busy day, but not as bad as I expected.

This is the bed that I mulched on August 9. I thought there would be a covering of weeds, but there were pleasantly few. Some seeds from the homemade compost had germinated. Very few examples of bindweed breaking through the mulch. NO bramble (although there were a couple of small regrowths just outside the box).

I removed the lot, digging out what root I could in the case of bramble and bindweed, and, since I have nothing to plant until the end of the month, I covered it again.

So, with time on my hands, I decided to fill the third bed.

Over a layer of windfall apples, I used commercial compost, which I don’t like doing but I’m simply not going to have enough homemade compost to satisfy my needs in the spring. Because this area had little bramble and bindweed, I didn’t lay cardboard beneath the mulch. I’ve watered this a little and covered it, and we’ll see what comes through in about a month.

Slowly, but still with the continuing bonus of good weather, things are beginning to take shape. The far fence, once a forgotten memory two months ago, is now a regular resting place for my garden fork.