The Gos Islands Affair

A child’s body, washed up onto a  beach of the newest Gos island, disappears before the Maskan authorities can retrieve it for investigation. Were Darken’s priests, occupants of an unauthorised temple on a nearby island, involved?

When the girl is identified as one who had gone missing five thousand miles away and half a year earlier, the severity of the crime committed within a Maskar territory becomes apparent. The great corruption of the planet’s distant past seems more than a memory.

But diplomatic relations between Maskar and each of Respite’s other three states are strained. It wouldn’t take much to trigger a war.

How much does the life of one child matter? Who dares put at risk world peace for an ideal such as justice?

The philosophy upon which the new nation had been built is torn apart in a battle of diplomacy that Maskar cannot possibly win. Shred by shred, they assemble an arsenal of inflexible rhetoric – backed up by weapons they dare not use or even reveal.