The First Year

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1 November, 2018

I’ve taken on a challenge, but with hand tools only, and about 400 square yards to reclaim, is isn’t going to happen in a year.

Four months on and I’m satisfied with the progress. I haven’t always managed to put in the hours I would have liked, but on the other hand the weather, especially during the first three of those months, has been blissful.

My initial target of six four-foot wide raised beds, eight to ten feet in length, prepared by the autumn, might get away from me. There can’t be many good digging days left in the year. But yesterday I planted up the fourth bed, and I’ll certainly manage one more before the frost cools my enthusiasm.

Now we have summer fruiting Raspberries, Onions (two varieties), Garlic (two varieties), Shallots (which I haven’t grown before, but they don’t seem much different to garlic in their requirements), winter tolerant Broad Beans, and a few rows of various hardwood cuttings.

Not magic, but real progress.