The Trilogy

The Respite Trilogy – A journey from tyranny to hope.

Set on the planet Respite, they tell the story of humanity – the descendants of castaways from Earth’s 26th century diaspora – as it is forced to question its relationship with its own kind, with its place in the universe, and finally with its potential as a civilised species.

The heroes are reluctant heroes, trapped by their own inertia, forced to act once inaction becomes life threatening. Only then do they discover the courage that they thought was beyond their grasp.

My objective is to entertain, but if I also encourage you to think about the issues raised, I shall be doubly pleased.

Want to know more?

A Gluttony of Plutocrats (Available now – UK, USA)

The Philosopher’s Experiment (Coming soon)

The Gos Islands Affair (Coming less soon)